Choosing a Family Car

by Jessica Javens-Skinner
Sales Manager
We Florida Financial

I am a mother of four children under the age of 13 who drives a 7-seater crossover to my full-time job every day.  My life is full and hectic.  So in the middle of a million other things, my husband and I needed to find our next family vehicle.  We needed one that is reliable so we aren’t wasting money and time with repairs, easy to drive and park, economical with performance when carrying heavy loads but also not burning a tank of gas every hour, and comfortable for us to enjoy our family road trips.

Our search began almost two years before we bought our car.  So yes, we took time to make sure we would get the best of what we needed.  This is not about a brand, but about family.  We did a lot of online research and test drives.

Finally we picked a cool, reasonably priced, new crossover with 7 seats in case one more comes along with the 6 of us, a sun roof for us to enjoy our road trips, legroom, a GPS and back-up camera to facilitate our driving, leather seats for easy cleanup, a start button and lock buttons so I don’t have to search for my keys in my big bag when getting in and out of the car, a luggage rack for extra storage, and several outlets and pockets for our gadgets and drinks, and of course, a 10-year full warranty coverage for no headaches.  I love our family car!  Let We Drive help you find your perfect vehicle.

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