Shopping for a Vehicle

by Danny Liddell
Auto Advisor / Account Executive
We Drive

So many people think you need months to shop for a vehicle when in reality it only takes one day to buy a vehicle.  Plus when you go to a dealer and say you’re not looking to buy for a month, they are not going to give you their best deal because they look at you as a shopper.  Who wants to give out their best deal just to have you find a similar deal next door?  When buying a vehicle, it is a “today” business.  So do all your research prior to going to the dealership.  Figure out what you need the vehicle for so you know what type of vehicle you’re interested in.  For example, if you do a lot of driving check out top rated gas-efficient cars.  If you are on a budget, look up the most reliable vehicles on a budget.  You can also call sources like We Drive to help assist you in narrowing down these options.  Another reason you don’t want to shop months before is because you may fall in love with a vehicle that will more than likely not be available in a few months unless you’re buying new of course.  Dealers give their best deals to people looking to BUY NOW.  I find the best times to shop are either end of month, end of year, or during a big sale!  Dealers have quotas to meet and goals to hit!  So if you’re going to shop, do it smart and efficient.  Tell the dealers you are there to buy if the right deal is made.  It’s okay to walk away if you’re not happy and get a second opinion.  Sometimes dealers may call you right back in but don’t go to a dealership telling them you’re not looking to buy for months, it will only deter most salesman from giving you there full attention and best deals.  But your best bet is to call me at We Drive for the best, car-buying advice…free!

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