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01 MAY

0% Financing Can Cost You Money!

When vehicle sales drop, manufacturers increase their rebates and incentives.  Most of their advertising will showcase 0% financing.  Did you know that in many cases you’ll give up a large rebate or incentive to get 0% financing and the final

  • by Ken Frank
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01 NOV

Credit Union Auto Loans Are A Better Deal

Did you ever wonder why car dealers want to have you finance at their dealership? It’s customary in the industry for lenders to pay dealers a fee for these loans, and in some cases dealers are allowed to mark up

  • by Lloyd Gill
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21 OCT

Don’t Roll Over

Especially when it comes to financing your next car, truck or SUV.  The roll over I’m talking about happens when your trade-in is not worth as much money as you owe on your loan.  Here’s why what seems like a

  • by Ken Frank
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15 MAR

The Importance of Payment Protection – Credit Life & Credit Disability

Life can change in an instant!  If something unfortunate happens to you, your loan commitment could place a huge burden on you or your family.  To protect your assets and your family's financial well-being consider credit life and credit disability

  • by Tujuana Lee
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15 DEC

Buying an Extended Warranty at the Time of Purchase

There are so many products dealerships push on customers to buy while financing.  I know the feeling of walking into a dealership and feeling completely unaware.  This blog is to give members and the general public some helpful tips.  Today’s

  • by Danny Liddell
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01 DEC

Got GAP?

Owing more than your car is worth is called being "upside down" in your loan and it can be a problem if your car is totaled in a crash, or if your car is stolen and not recovered.  Either way,

  • by Donna Acosta
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