Car dealerships

01 MAY

0% Financing Can Cost You Money!

When vehicle sales drop, manufacturers increase their rebates and incentives.  Most of their advertising will showcase 0% financing.  Did you know that in many cases you’ll give up a large rebate or incentive to get 0% financing and the final

  • by Ken Frank
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15 NOV

Red Flag: My Dealer Won’t Accept My Credit Union Draft

Over the years I’ve had members attempt to purchase vehicles at dealers that would not accept the draft they received from their credit union. If this happens to you, remember that something may not be quite right about the dealership

  • by Ken Frank
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15 JUN

Reasons Not to Purchase from Buy-Here/Pay-Here Dealerships

Buy Here/Pay Here dealerships help those individuals with bad credit or those in need of a car right away. What’s important to know is that these type dealerships are there to make as much money as they can off your

  • by Tujuana Lee
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