01 MAR

Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping up your car’s appearance is important for many reasons.  Your car is a tool that gets you back and forth from work, brings the kids to school, let’s you do grocery shopping and many more tasks that we all

  • by David Salcedo
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15 JAN

Don’t Rent Your Vehicle to Others

I’ve been reading about companies that will allow you to rent your car out to others. Think of it as an Airbnb for your car. Like everything new, it sounds like a great idea. The companies in this business promise

  • by Ken Frank
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01 NOV

Credit Union Auto Loans Are A Better Deal

Did you ever wonder why car dealers want to have you finance at their dealership? It’s customary in the industry for lenders to pay dealers a fee for these loans, and in some cases dealers are allowed to mark up

  • by Lloyd Gill
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01 JAN

Three Money-Saving Driving Tips

For many of us, our cars are the second largest purchase we ever make.  The costs, however, don’t end with an auto loan.  There’s gas, insurance, maintenance, and the list goes on!  Here are 3 ways you can save thousands

  • by Lori Cooke
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18 SEP

Get Rid of the Road Rage. Enjoy Your Car!

Like so many other days, I pulled into work on a recent morning feeling the stress and aggravation of all the traffic in South Florida.  It was my main topic of conversation that morning.  I was so mad.  I could

  • by Jim Kerin
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