15 JAN

Don’t Rent Your Vehicle to Others

I’ve been reading about companies that will allow you to rent your car out to others. Think of it as an Airbnb for your car. Like everything new, it sounds like a great idea. The companies in this business promise

  • by Ken Frank
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01 JAN

Defensive Driving Tips

I was born and raised in South Florida and over the last 50 years driving has changed and the roads are more congested than ever. South Florida is very diverse with all kinds of drivers – slow, fast, sloppy, and

  • by Jodi Lyon
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01 DEC

Safe Road Trips for the Single Woman

As a single woman, any time I need or want to take a road trip out of town alone, I never fail to have some anxiety about it. “What if my car breaks down? Do I feel safe to travel

  • by Helen Wheels
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15 NOV

Red Flag: My Dealer Won’t Accept My Credit Union Draft

Over the years I’ve had members attempt to purchase vehicles at dealers that would not accept the draft they received from their credit union. If this happens to you, remember that something may not be quite right about the dealership

  • by Ken Frank
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01 NOV

Credit Union Auto Loans Are A Better Deal

Did you ever wonder why car dealers want to have you finance at their dealership? It’s customary in the industry for lenders to pay dealers a fee for these loans, and in some cases dealers are allowed to mark up

  • by Lloyd Gill
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01 JAN

Three Money-Saving Driving Tips

For many of us, our cars are the second largest purchase we ever make.  The costs, however, don’t end with an auto loan.  There’s gas, insurance, maintenance, and the list goes on!  Here are 3 ways you can save thousands

  • by Lori Cooke
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